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Who provides cost-effective car insurance for military base residents? Direct Auto & Life Insurance is proud to support our military with insurance built for the needs of service members and their families. With low-cost rates and flexible payment options,* Direct Auto is one of the best insurance providers for many active military personnel who want superior service and the right coverage. Learn more about how Direct Auto finds Griffin military personnel the right car insurance coverage.

Direct Auto recognizes that military members in the Griffin community have a lot of options when looking to purchase car insurance. But at Direct Auto, we know how to setup coverage plans to your specifications and will offer insight into the insurance fundamentals like collision coverage and deductibles. That's why we provide digital resources like the Coverage Assistant. By looking to the Coverage Assistant for help, you can find out what insurance meets your needs and monthly budget, without having to overspend on coverage. Direct Auto offers clarity with each and every step to obtain coverage, describing in full detail what your plan covers. From Bodily Liability Coverage to Towing Coverage, to Towing Coverage, we want our military car insurance customers to feel informed about how their plan is working for them.

We know that many policyholders are on-the-go too, which is why we provide the DirectDrive app.† The DirectDrive app allows customers to monitor and gain insight into driving habits with real-time feedback, which could help them drive safer & earn them in-app bonuses. Need to pay your auto insurance bill with a moment's notice? You can do that with DirectDrive. By making just a few clicks, you can take care of your Direct Auto bill, get up-to-the-minute driving assessments, and play alongside other DirectDrive app users without taking a break from your busy day! Interested iPhone and Android users can download the app from their app store for free!

Want to begin your Direct Auto car insurance policy for military base residents in Griffin? Call one of our friendly agents at 1-877-GO-DIRECT or get a quick quote for auto coverage online!

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