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As a student, you look for ways to save money, especially when it comes to car insurance. Your nearby Direct Auto & Life Insurance can help. We work with university students just like you to find the Tennessee required car insurance coverage you need (and more) so you keep your budget intact and keep your vehicle better protected.

At Direct Auto, we know that going to school, on top of everything else, can put stress on your finances. Between books for class, the price of tuition, and all of your other living expenses, being a student in today's economy keeping your bank account in good shape. Fortunately, your Direct Auto is dedicated to finding Chattanooga university students the right insurance policy for their college budget. If you're a student, we encourage you to apply for coverage today. One of our representatives would love to help you get the coverage you need. We understand how complex the car insurance process can be but we're determined to help college students find budget-friendly car insurance. Whether you're just looking to meet Tennessee's financial responsibility requirements or you want services beyond the minimum with extras like roadside assistance, Direct Auto can help you out. With a variety of installment plans to choose from, perks like the DirectDrive® App, and more, we make it easy to put together the policy that's right for you. Plus, when you talk to a knowledgeable representative online, in-store, or over the phone, we'll walk you through each step, and answer your questions about insurance throughout the process. and answer your questions about insurance throughout the process. That's why students pick Direct Auto as their car insurance company.

Ready to see if you could be saving more? Ask your nearby representative about insurance discounts, low rates, and other ways to save on your car insurance in Chattanooga. For a free quote, call 1-877-GO-DIRECT or stop by your nearest Direct Auto location today!

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The fine for being an uninsured driver in Tennessee is $300 (and it's a Class A Misdemeanor). Officers of the law could legally have your car towed immediately if you are unable to produce proof of valid insurance. On January 1, 2017, Tennessee implemented a state-of-the-art insurance verification system. The system can track down drivers who do not have valid insurance by reviewing digital vehicle registration records. If the system finds that a vehicle is uninsured, the vehicle will not be eligible for registration renewal.