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As a college student, you're always on the hunt for more savings, especially when it comes to your car insurance policy. Start with your Direct Auto & Life Insurance. Our goal is to help college students like you find the Tennessee car insurance policy you need so you can stay within your budget and keep your vehicle covered at the same time.

Here at Direct Auto we know that there's little wiggle room in a student's budget. Between the price of textbooks, tuition, and all of your other living expenses, being a budget-conscious college student means being careful about your bank account. That's one reason so many students choose Direct Auto. We work to get you car insurance that's both student-friendly, and budget-friendly. We encourage all college students to apply for coverage, regardless of their insurance history. We understand how complex the car insurance process can be but we're determined to help college students find budget-friendly car insurance. Whether you're in need of just the basics for meeting Tennessee financial responsibility requirements or you'd like services beyond the minimum with extras like roadside assistance, Direct Auto can help. With the option to personalize your payment plan, discounts, and more, we make it easy for college students to get and stay covered. Plus, your nearby Direct Auto representative can help you get your policy started, talk you through our different payment plans, and answer any questions you may have, from quote to purchase! and answer any questions you may have, from quote to purchase! That's the reason college students turn to Direct Auto for their car insurance needs.

Ready to get started? Ask your nearby representative about insurance discounts, great rates, and other ways to save on car insurance in Cleveland. Call 1-877-GO-DIRECT or visit your nearby Direct Auto location for a free quote today!

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The fine for uninsured drivers caught driving without insurance in Tennessee is $300. Cops are legally allowed to have your auto immediately towed if you don’t have proof of insurance. On January 1, 2017, Tennessee instituted a new insurance verification program, available online. The system has the ability to identify drivers who do not have valid insurance by reviewing digital vehicle registration records. Vehicle owners without insurance will not be able to renew their vehicle's registration.