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Looking for a low-cost car insurance policy that better fits the budget of a college student? Your local Direct Auto & Life Insurance can help. We work with university students just like you to find the level of Tennessee car insurance coverage that's right for you, so you can keep your budget happy and keep your car covered.

At Direct Auto, we know that there's little wiggle room in a student's budget. Between the price of textbooks, tuition, and all of your other living expenses, being a student in today's economy keeping track of your spending. That's why at Direct Auto, we're proud to offer college students the car insurance they need to stay within their budget. Whatever your financial situation or insurance history may be, we encourage all students to apply for coverage. We understand how complex the car insurance process can be but we're dedicated to simplifying low-cost coverage for college students. Whether you just want to meet Tennessee's financial responsibility requirements or you want the additional peace of mind that a roadside assistance or emergency protection plan could bring, Direct Auto has what you want. With customizable payment options, perks like the DirectDrive® App, and more, we want to help you get all the resources you need to stay covered. Plus, your nearby Direct Auto representative can help you get your policy started, talk you through our different payment plans, and answer any questions you may have, from quote to purchase! and answer any questions you may have, from quote to purchase! That's the reason college students trust Direct Auto to meet their insurance needs.

Want to know more? Ask your local representative about insurance discounts, great rates, and other ways to save on car insurance in Dayton. For a free quote, call 1-877-GO-DIRECT or stop by your nearest Direct Auto location today!

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Driving uninsured in Tennessee can be costly, with the fine for driving without the proper insurance sitting at $300. Law enforcement agents could have your car towed on the spot if you cannot produce proof of valid insurance. On January 1, 2017, the state of Tennessee put into place a new insurance verification program, available online. The system has the ability to identify drivers who do not have valid insurance by reviewing digital vehicle registration records. If the system finds that a vehicle is uninsured, the vehicle will not be eligible for registration renewal.